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about: nightshadow | singapore | 25th march

2d husbando : kiriya etou (corda)

animanga | otome games and drama cds | seiyuu | vocaloidP | utattemita | jikkyousha | manga (mostly shoujo and josei) | photography |  food

all time favourite series : kin’iro no corda (fan since 2006)

utaites : 96neko | che:sakurai | mi-chan | yorukichi | shoohey | cocolu | shamuon | etc…

seiyuus : hino satoshi | nana mizuki | kenn | daisuke kisho | okamoto nobuhiko |

゜  ★゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜★

Hi, I’m Night, and insanely into the corda, otome and nicodou fandom. I cannot escape from it. Getting overly emotional everytime at times. Someone, please save me (not going to happen, this is the end of me)




Which categories on nicodou that I like, you ask?

I don’t think its possible to answer that now heh. but well, I’m into vocaloidP (and series), utattemita, jikkyousha, ensoushitemita and odottemita!

Corda was the first otoge I’ve played.

96neko is one of my oldest bias in the utattemita fandom. I’m really proud of her! Please continue making great music, my dear!

I love stars and strawberry. aye.

not a fujoshi. sorry.

stalk me at flavors. me


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